Hi there.

Feels like 2011 is the year of the natural disaster. Sending love to all affected by the latest series of events in Japan and to those in Christchurch. Ganbatte ne.

On an aside note, I think I may have completed the first iceberg [of 5] that will soon be disassembled, flat packed and boxed and posted to the North Wall Art Centre in Oxford, UK – along with four others. This week I need to remake my templates and refine construction techniques as it will be final week of R+D. Next week I will be in full blown production mode.

The following images show how I am reinforcing the edges of the triangles with blue masking tape before stapling – yes stapling them all together. Although it is not the prettiest of joining solutions, it is the most practical and is removable too. Flexibility being the key here – and speed due to the volume of triangles that will need to be joined in a very short space of time during the handful of days that will be called “installation week” prior to the two exhibitions.

Did I mention that one of the icebergs will be 12.4m in length and 4.2m high? And there are six in total…crazy I know.


the images: interior close up with blue tape


joining the two halves

voila, the first complete iceberg!