It has been a tricky time of late. The funding that I was counting on failed to materialise which has forced some serious lateral thinking to keep these two exhibition projects moving forward. I don’t want to whinge though as I think it will work out for the best…well best for the project, but not best for my pocket – but this is the risky territory that you are committed to encountering as an artist of sorts.

The solution has been to move from the lovely studio #4 at Toi Poneke and back to my tiny back yard studio in order to cut costs.

Fortunately, much ground work had been made in the Toi Poneke space  – planning, preparing and researching that I can now get to the [slightly more boring] manufacturing phase in a smaller space. The next 7 weeks will be all about lacquering tissue paper together into a more robust unit and cutting and folding these into usable triangles.

It is all good!

Anyhow, here are a few images gleaned from the Toi Poneke studio before it was relocated….