Sourced from Topographic Map 135 – Ross Sea. Crown Copyright Reserved.

Ok, I know it isn’t a word but it is the best way to describe where I am at. It is all very repetitive – lacquer, trace, cut and fold edges – accumulating triangles with a fine selection of BBC podcasts to keep me company.

I am getting ready to make and pack the four final icebergs that will be heading to the UK in the next two weeks [one is already complete] and from the 23rd May, I will be in a new studio [yes moving a 3rd time] but will also be working out of Capital E in Wellington City to assemble and prepare the big berg [they are kindly lending me some space]

Soon I will have some images to show you of some fundraising prints. I need to raise some funds to travel to the UK to install the works so stay tuned!

Sorry, not the most interesting shot but this is what the studio looks like at the end of each day. Am loving the tonal shifts between the different batches of dye. Can’t wait to illuminate it!

And finally, thanks to Kate Smart for sharing some of her holiday pics from Iceland,  2005. Am loving the blues and greens in the water and reflected on the bergs in the fresh water lake.