Had a hard day in the studio yesterday. Had a 7 hour stretch in a borrowed studio at Toi Poneke as I needed some space to make a 3m x 3.5m iceberg. I had packed a suitcase full of precut paper and tools, brought my stepladder, camera and computer. But it ended up being one of those days where  nothing went right…stapler broke and required a special (and not so comfortable or efficient) hand positioning to get it to work, but also, the iceberg that I was assembling for the the North Wall show was not up to scratch. It may not show it in the pics but I couldn’t get the panels to sit right – the tension was all over the place, gaps were showing between the panels, I was covered in discarded staples. It was like a wrestling match between myself and the paper but nobody was winning.

So, for today only, I am going to throw in the towel – defeated yes, but only temporarily. On the weekend when I get my next chance to recreate this beast of an iceberg I will : take my time, and get a new stapler. It will be OK – only a temporary set back in order to remember some important lessons! (the following images are a brief selection of yesterday’s session, in chronological order)