Just letting you know that I have recovered from my bad day in the studio. I promise not to complain too much more as really there is no time! But I did workout where I went wrong in a couple of areas of my methodology which reminds me – not to deviate from tried and tested ways! I am currently devoting my evenings to the stinky work of lacquering and the days to folding and assembling. It is all good.

I have just been prowling the net for some new pics. Found this one that came from here. Seeing these images really challenge what I am visualising to be the tops of the bergs that I am working on. My imagination is being so conservative compared to what the climate can actually whip up.

And this one from here that looks kind of like a composite image in the vain of Frank Hurley, but I’d like to believe it to be true considering it is on the National Geographic site!