Apologies for the absence. It has been a pretty big couple of weeks. Moved my studio for the third time during this project to Capital E [thanks guys for the awesome and amazing space] and I have also moved house…and got a big giant cold to top it all off.

Ok, so enough excuses for a lack of posts, but there have been some very important breakthroughs with the two projects.

Firstly, five icebergs have been posted to the North Wall. Bon voyage my friends!

And secondly, the giant iceberg for the Hirschfeld Gallery is under construction.

I am hesitant to reveal too much of the process of this as I am keen for the experience of the finished installation to be immersive and surprising. I hope you will be all content with little snippets until the big reveal in one month exactly [eek and yay]

Also, I would like to announce that I will be involved in the very lovely and exciting Lux Symposium at Massey University in July where I will be discussing this project and the importance of light and space in my work.

Wellington LUX Symposium 2011, at Massey University of Wellington, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July 2011. Wellington LUX 2011 is an intensive two-day symposium with an associated exhibition that explores the intersections of light, space and interaction. To find out more about LUX, and full weekend programme, visit http://lux.org.nz. Registration for the symposium is now open. [Thanks City Gallery for this info]


And here are some snippets of my work and workspace at Capital E.