Among many things, the title of this post is a search engine phrase that often leads random people to this blog.

It is also something that I am trying to achieve metaphorically with the work once it is installed at the City Gallery and The North Wall Arts Centre in July.

Over the weekend, due to heavy rain, a part of the large iceberg ended up under water – albeit not too much, but a leak in a pipe in the ceiling developed and I ended up with a section of soggy iceberg.

Fortunately it will be easily repaired. It dried out pretty quickly but some of the integrity of the paper was lost with the soaking and subsequent drying out. The soaked paper  printed some of the dye onto the lino floor…oops, now I know!

I also discovered that the workspace that I am using at Capital E is below the sea level. The irony is not lost on me.

I am making the underneath of an iceberg while below sea level! It couldn’t get any better than that.


Here are some images of the drying and state of the iceberg sections. Not much to look at….yet!

Just wait till the natural light activates it all.


Images are as follows:

1. blue dye print on lino

2. berg section drying out – makes me want to make berg like cosies for all sorts of objects. Kind of looks like it is on a hospital trolly, ready for surgery.

3. The choppy sea of a dissected iceberg. Installation week begins on Monday, not long now!