I am meant to be doing this today, but instead I am in bed recovering.

On Sunday, shortly after the what lies beneath interview, I picked up an empty plastic crate and did my back in – and by in, I mean totally unable to move, walk or sit for two days. [and yes I was bending my knees!]

Fortunately, I got the doc to do a home visit, got a diagnosis and a jab in the butt and I am on the road to recovery but it has really changed the pace of this crucial week.

I made a call out for help and I want to thank all of those who have offered to lend a hand [you know who you are]. I really appreciate it and at this stage, I know that the project wouldn’t be able to be completed without everyone’s help and support.

I am feeling optimistic that I will be installing tomorrow – well, probably sitting on a chair and pointing my finger a lot, but at least I will there and able to document the process and lend support….