I am back on my feet – thanks to the doc and some acupuncture as well as good old time. But I must thank those who have stepped in to give me hand, and those who offered. Thanks so much.

I would especially like to acknowledge Deb, Shane and Shiloh [pictured below], City Gallery staff and Martin,Nanette, Tess and Lily for making this week happen against all odds…and Shio too. Thanks team.

Anyhow, here are  a couple of  images from the start of install week.

The iceberg is almost complete – just a little bit of tweaking to do tomorrow and then it is good to go.

If you want to see more, you will need to come to the City Gallery from 2-31 July to see the work in person….or I might put some more images up next week of the whole work for those who can’t make it to Wellington!

It has been a challenge and a treat!