[image credit Thomasin Sleigh]

A wonderful weekend was had at the LUX symposium. I felt quite honoured to present amongst so many esteemed artists/designers. I was definitely representing the lo-tech end of the spectrum – go scissors, staplers and templates.

This week I will be doing another public presentation at the City Gallery where Niwa scientist Craig Stevens and I will discuss What lies beneath in situ.

An Iceberg in the Gallery—artist Gabby O’Connor talks to scientist Craig Stevens

Fri, 15 Jul 2011, 12:30 pm

Artist Gabby O’Connor has constructed a room-scale iceberg sculpture from tissue paper in the Hirschfeld Gallery. Join the artist and NIWA oceanographer Craig Stevens as they discuss this project and Stevens’ work in Antarctica.

Also, on this link, you can read the lovely words of Curator Abby Cunnane discussing the project