I would like to thank Katharine Allard and her lovely team, Sarah and Nick who have been deciphering my less than accurate [so sorry] diagrams and making the five icebergs for the show at the North Wall Arts Centre in Oxford, UK. The show is open from the 20th July – 2oth August [ahhh next week!] and the details for the gallery are here if you are in the neighbourhood.

It has been a wonderful and strange process sending my work across the seas and leaving it others to interpret and install [and deal with unforeseen issues]. I am regularly feeling guilty that I didn’t manage to do certain things before the big send off and that I can’t be there to take that weight. But I do know I am in the most capable hands of makers and problem solvers. You guys rock – thank you so much.

Also, thanks Katharine for sending through documentation of the install. I should make it compulsory for the volunteers to wear orange during the install!