image: Andrew Beck

What has been so lovely about completing What lies beneath at the City Gallery in Wellington has been the flood of unsolicited comments that keep coming my way.

As the work is an experiential installation it would explain the wonderful physical responses. Oh, and kids have been really engaging with the work too. [sorry no pics of such occurrences just yet]

To quote the Visitor Services Coordinator at the gallery:

I have had a lot of feedback from my front of house staff regarding the public’s interaction with your exhibition.

There has been a significant number of people sitting down and gazing up, even a number lying beneath the work.

We had on small girl, around the age of 4years, who was enchanted by the piece. She sat against one of the walls staring up for over 30minutes and pretended to be reading the brochure whenever someone else entered the space. Her mother was so happy that her girl took such a strong likening to it.”

I had considered at earlier stages of the project to provide a padded surface underneath the the berg that was in the shape of its shadow as I had hoped that people would park up for a while and take in the view. Considering that the flooring is fairly new in the Hirschfeld Gallery, it became unnecessary as it would be visually distracting. I am pleased that people are lying there immersed in the blue light of their own free will.

I am also really enjoying it when I am told that people are returning to the exhibition more than once. The greatest compliment.

At this time I am also wondering how the audience will react at the North Wall with What lies beneath – the return. It opens on Wednesday night

Please let me know your experiences if you are brave enough to comment below.