Over the last week, I have been preparing and repairing the components from What lies beneath at the City Gallery. Putting endless amounts of spliced blue masking tape on the tabs, putting them back into their lovely piles and wrapping them in tissue. Amazingly, it seems the whole work will fit inside my robust plastic suitcase. How crazy is that? Especially considering that the assembled work was 12m x 4m x 2m. Thank goodness for flat pack! From tomorrow onward I will be installing a new configuration of What lies beneath at Waiwera House. It will be a site specific response to the space and the progress of the installation will be able to be viewed by the general public [eek!] This will make it both terrifying and exciting but I am definitely up for the challenge. Prints will be available for sale at Waiwera House when the show opens to the public from August 26 – September 8 2011. Please drop by if you are in Auckland. 285 Parnell Road, Parnell is the address.

Interestingly, as I am installing this new work, What lies beneath – the return at the North Wall Arts Centre in Oxford UK will be getting dismantled but there will still be two iceberg projects on the go including above, below at the Mahara Gallery until November.
this is only half of the berg!