Had my first proper day in the studio yesterday. I have had a bunch of moments in there this year, but never a day. It is amazing how productive it all felt. It is also like riding a bike-you never truly forget!
So, I have been doing some experiments again. Refamiliarsing myself with the materials and making plans for when I go into “production mode”. I am working on the installation I will be making for CEAC. The gallery I will be working in has some massive big old bay windows that I will be using as my lighting source. I am also going to endeavour to make the windows disappear. I am still undecided on many aspects of the installation, for instance what type of geometric tessellation system I will adopt, but things, including ideas are slowly falling into place.
The work itself will be some kind of ice shelf. In some ways it will be a kind of prequel to the What Lies Beneath iceberg works.
Anyhow, here are some images thus far: