Things are moving ahead at quite a rapid pace. I have art projects happening in three or more directions plus life and family and the everyday. I am on a tight schedule which didn’t quite account for viruses [the snotty coughy kind], doctors visits and the cat giving the eldest a black eye. But now they do.
Its all ok though, just means that there is a lot of multitasking going on. Take now for instance – feeding the youngest his bed time milk while typing with my left hand. Just want to add that this is not a mummy blog and I am not unhappy, actually quite the opposite. 2013 is one crazy exciting year!
Anyhow – back to the art.
I have finally decided on the title for the Auckland exhibition at Ceac. After much deliberation and bothering of my collaborators….the show’s title is:
some time

Lots of layers of reference….especially to Captain Oates’ final famous quote “I am just going outside and may be some time.”, the time it will take Robert Falcon Scott, Captain Oates and Edward Evans bodies to depart Antarctica and the time invested in the work and the time of the cycle of water to ice and then to water again….I am like a broken record..still stuck within this concept – but happily so.

Other things that have been decided are the shape system. I will be working with 4, 5 and 6 sided shapes of various internal angles, but all the same side length. By using these shapes, a lovely curvature is evident. It will be like the ice is bursting at its edges.





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This is the gallery I will be working in at Ceac. The work you see in the image is by Regan Gentry. Amazing pumice sculptures. I am going to make these bay windows disappear…