I am definitely going through the motions at the moment. Treating all the tissue paper [the regular kind], stiffening and colouring it with a special dye/lacquer solution to make it stronger, translucent and blue. I am listening to a lot of podcasts as I go through the almost Tai-Chi series of movements that it takes to complete the transformation. It is repetitive, but not in a bad way as there is a rhythm and it is purposeful…but not pretty!
This is how I look – It is essential so that I don’t get blurry vision from the ethanol, or overwhelmed by the stench of alcohol. I am a studio storm trooper!

During this almost mundane activity, I thrive on my favourite podcasts from the Guardian Science Weekly programme, ABC RN science show, Our changing world [Radio NZ], the BBC film programme and food programme plus a bit of music as well as a few others.
I might not be completely taking in all this “knowledge” but at least I have company and some ideas do seem to sink in or even have some influence and I might even have something to talk about at the end of my day other than “yep, I did some more lacquering”!
So here are the beautiful piles of subtly differing shades of blue. This is all dependent upon the amount of dye I add to the mix, the number of layers of tissue and if the jar of lacquer is nearing the bottom. These variables are all intentional and quite lovely.


I have also made my first set of small templates. Lovely diamonds [and a few friends] all with 20cm sides and varying internal angles.


I have a few more weeks of this activity to go. Then I’ll be onto the cutting and folding of the tabs [and paper cuts!]
I do hope that I will have a few more interesting things to show you though. There is a lot bubbling away on the periphery…