Going through a cathartic process while waiting for my lacquer order to arrive from Australia.
I am going through the box of components from What lies beneath and cannibalising them to become new components for both Cleave [Wellington] and some time [Auckland] [first image]
This processing of materials makes me think about the cycle of water, ice and vapour. The magic of water being able to be in so many states. One becoming or transitioning into the other infinitely.
So I am continuing this recycling fervour by also chopping up my snowcave from 2005. The panels were similarly constructed but with just a layer or two of lacquered tissue. For the purposes of these new geometrically heavy works, the paper needs to be thicker and stronger so…once the lacquer arrives, I will be lacquering 2 or 3 layers of snowcave to make panels for Cleave and some time. Perhaps one day, once they are no longer useable in their current state, these new panels will become yet another work. [images 2 + 3]
It is all rather satisfying but can’t believe I have been lugging a crumpled and rolled up snowcave from rental to rental and studio to studio for a few years now. This feels good!