So much news to share.
As you may already know, my boosted project has surpassed its target – I am still saying *wow* a lot. It has been an amazing ride witnessing crowd funding in effect and in real time. It is still possible to support the project as there are 5 days to go- every bit is contributing to the installation of the work – accommodation, flights and meals and a hire car – nothing fancy! If you are in NZ there are tax rebates as the Arts Foundation who are running this project are a registered charity. Thanks to all who have contributed and cheered me on. It is an amazing feeling having a support network like this.
A book that I contributed images to as part of a collaboration with Katharine Allard and Craig Stevens was finally launched in Melbourne last week. It is called Mapping South It is the final project from an initiative called the South Project which was a series of conferences/gatherings and projects in Southern hemisphere cities. I have participated in a few of their events over the years and exhibitions – lovely stuff! The project was originally initiated by Craft Victoria in Melbourne. There is a pdf of the book on the website if you want to check it out. Or to truly support the project – buy the hard copy!

and finally, I have had a little bit of press in an Auckland newspaper.

It seems I have been drinking from the fountain of youth [I am not complaining]. There might be a few other bits and pieces coming up next week that I’ll post as it happens.

Meanwhile, I am stapling paper together and getting ready to start cutting out shapes with the templates. The piles are quite large and rather daunting but all is well.

More soon!