So much great news. Some time has been fully funded, actually 150% funded through the Boosted campaign – thanks and wow to my super network of arts patrons.
Also, got the great news today that my other project [with Katharine Allard and Craig Stevens], Cleave has been funded by the Wellington City Council CNZ Creative communities grant. With this project I will be running workshops in my local area and at a local primary school where the kids will help me to make the art work. The resulting work will then be connected and installed in a local vacant shop space that will operate as a temporary gallery. You will hear more about this project after some time has had its turn in the spotlight. It is all earmarked for June.
What an exciting and art filled year so far.
Meanwhile, today I finished cutting the shapes out of all the prepared paper. Thousands of different sized diamonds and triangles but I don’t think there are quite enough…so back to the lacquering I go