Yesterday I flew to Auckland to deinstall the some time installation at Corban Estate Arts Centre.
I arrived a little early and got to have a quick squizz at the Auckland Triennial at the Auckland Art Gallery and then do the first stage of deconstruction once the gallery had closed at 4.30. It took a few extra moments of contemplation and some extra photograph taking before I was ready to rip in to it.
It always surprises me how quick it is to pack up compared to the installation [1 day vs 6.5 days]
Within an hour the lovely Kathryn and I had all the sections turned into strips and after another 30 minutes, the whole work was taken down and the floor was like an icebergy sea.
Today with a small bunch of volunteers, the arduous but also satisfying task of separating all the geometric shapes with pliers while creating large mounds of staples occurred. It was like the un-crafting of the work. Great conversation, a bit of chocolate, caffeinated beverages and now it is all wrapped up, packed into a suitcase and at the airport ready to return to Wellington and be reused in the next project [next week] but more about that later.
Thanks so much Ceac for all the warmth and support, the kindness, the lift, the coffees, for organising the all important volunteers and for pairing me up with the lovely and wonderful Jae Hoon Lee. I have had a blast