Today is the first day of what is now known as the Cleave Project.
This project is supported by The Urban Dream Brokerage, Wellington City Council Creative Communities, NIWA and Nice Blocks.
I am working with each class at Miramar Central School which is in my local community.
The workshops involve the kids working in growing teams to reconnect all of the paper components from the SOME TIME exhibition to make a new installation of an ice shelf about to cleave and collapse and create icebergs. Nature on a knife-edge.
Each class’ sections will then be taken to a secret location [TBC] that will become the gallery space for the final installation. This is where I will work over a number of days joining all the panels and reshaping the work for presentation. Exhibition launch date is also TBC while the vacant shop site is being negotiated.
Here are some images of today’s activity. Rooms 6 and 7 – You are awesome!
Also, thanks to Brett from NIWA who came to help out [and who has actually been to Antarctica 6 times! Whereas I only pretend]