In about three weeks I will begin installing my next exhibition. It is called : order, structure, pattern and the work is a response to the research of Shaun Hendy on innovation and complexity theory. The title order, structure, pattern is part of one definition of complexity theory. I won’t be pretending that I fully understand it, but this part of the definition makes complete sense to me. It is also a kind of manifesto to my process-based art practice. It is hoped that the work will provide a spring-board for discussion and thinking around the topic as well as a stand alone artwork. It is very interesting territory to be playing with in my practice. The exhibition will be at the Toi Poneke Gallery opening on the 29th August and it coincides with the launch of Shaun Hendy’s book, Get off the Grass as well as the online idea-generating game Pounamu which will be playable for 24 hours from midday on the 29th August
In the meantime, I am up to my armpits in some new [to me] materials of rope, coloured extension cords and cable ties. I am just refining the finer details of a very large structure that I will be creating in the L-shaped gallery over 10 days/evenings.