The Cleave Project has been quite lucky in the press department [thanks Lily!] Here are the last of the known press clippings: The colour one being from Capital magazine which is the newly relaunched version of the old Capital Times newspaper. A very lovely publication, however, the image they used is of the old what lies beneath iceberg at the City Gallery in 2011. All publicity is good though!
The black and white article is from Salient magazine which is the Victoria University magazine : http://salient.org.nz/ [sorry my ability to link has just been broken] Here is the link to the actual article : http://salient.org.nz/arts/a-space-worth-defacing. The writer assures me that he didn’t choose the headline!

In other news, I have been doing some calculations about exactly how much cable and rope I’ll be needing to purchase, doing some site visits with my handy buddy who will be installing some of the infrastructure and generally getting ready for the BIG INSTALL!