So in 10 days I will begin the install of the next project ORDER STRUCTURE PATTERN at Toi Poneke in Abel Smith St Wellington
but…and there always seems to be a but , I have had a wee hiccup.
It seems that my right hand doesn’t want to cooperate and has inflamed tendons and ligaments aggravated by the last two projects. In other words, my pincer grip is poked.
And this is what my hand now looks like:


I am hilariously bumbling along with my immobilised thumb, trying to hatch ways and means to still make the artwork [the osteo and hand physio told me to cancel the show…oh no]
I will be calling on a few people to lend a hand in the evenings during the install to help tie and snip cable ties for the 25 m zig zagging wall structure. If this sounds fun to you – please drop me a line. I will need volunteers from 21-28 August to come in for an hour or two from 8pm. There will be chocolate.
And here is some documentation of some studio happenings and testing before the diagnosis: