I know I said that this project wouldn’t have blue in it, but I have caved! Well, actually another colour of cabling was out of stock which means I have to broaden my original colour palette. I am not too fazed though as all the other colours are pretty wonderful – red, orange, yellow, blue and a little pink. Only a week to install so I have to be somewhat optimistic and a little fatalistic.

I also had what I thought to be a great idea that turned out not to be one after all. It made me realise how much control we have of our image in blogland and how all the successes that tend to be presented can be a tad contrived. So here is the ugly mess. I was trying for a tube that would go from ceiling to floor but the materials in this combination weren’t really compatible to the task. I realised that it would have worked just in rope and cable tie – but then it might look like some crazy macrame throw-back.
So back to the wall structure…

I added some more colours, textures and materials to the test wall. I am really enjoying the cascade of colours where I originally thought I would keep it very streamlined and singular.
I still have a week to really make these aesthetic decisions. The structure and format are already nailed down.



I am also really loving these puddles of rope and extension cord that are part of the making. Like drawings in space.