Last night the install of Order, Structure, Pattern began. I am working night shift on this project which can only mean one thing – chocolate consumption is on the rise. In order to get to 1am in one piece – chocolate is the only way. The only problem in this equation is getting to sleep due to wakeful but over chocolated [i know that isn’t a word] problem solving to mull over.
Enough about chocolate for now.

So last night, with the help of my trusty mate Rhys, the main frame or infrastructure of the project was installed – drilled into the concrete and screwed and threaded and tightened – lots of lovely stainless steel fittings from Capital fastenings that would probably be used on boats and deckings.
Nice to have nice fittings!
I also did multiple calculations to see how much of all the different cords and ropes would be needed to create the networks for the structure. Mid calculation, I had a change of mind about the colour scheme – yellow got the boot, so this morning was spent at Bunnings returning 300 metres of unused extension cord in exchange for almost 600 metres of orange rope, 100 metres of blue and an extra red extension cord and stainless cable.
Tonight I will begin the fun and start rigging the coloured cable and rope with my 10,000 red cable ties.
Apologies for the vagueness of subject- but I am sleep deprived and distracted but this work would not be possible without the support of Shaun Hendy and his Prime minister’s science communication prize. Last week Shaun gave a wonderful talk to launch his book Get off the Grass at Victoria University. Here is some discussion about the ideas the book is bringing to the foreground – and what I am trying to process and turn into an artwork. To boil it down and give it no justice at all, the work is about innovation and complexity networks.