The past two nights have seen the installation to grow considerably thanks to those who have dropped by to help tighten a cable tie or two.
[Mel, Mal, Geoff – and to the peeps who have been looking after the kids in the evenings so I can work too]
It is quite satisfying to see the work grow from the ceiling down and that what was in my head [and sketch book] is actually translating in the site.
So, almost half way there but definitely losing speed due to full body tiredness of the night shift worker. I am hoping though that the majority of the work will be completed by the end of the weekend or Monday at the latest – and then I can focus on the signage which I am going to do by hand [yes, crazy!] And then I can focus on the opening….food, beverages and any media etc.
It is amazing the breadth of skills that you draw on when you are publicly presenting your work!