Ok, so I must confess, this isn’t the best time lapse I have done. It turned out to be a little beyond the capabilities of my camera as the gallery was L-shaped and the lens not wide enough, and then my little helper knocked the tri-pod over a couple of times. I am thinking that I might need to invest in a go-pro that I could fix to the wall during install – have heard they are nifty. Hopefully their lens is wide enough to capture the space of the projects. This is half the battle with installation work – getting “the shot” that truly represents the work: the transformation of space and materials as well as ideas. And it is too easy to cheat and crop things to make a pretty picture. I suppose this is why I have been making time-lapses. As well as showing the construction process, they give you the element of time and a greater sense of the work in space.
This is worthy of greater conversation, but for another time.
So here, more as a document of this project [and the wonderful people who assisted me], is the poor little time lapse.

order structure pattern timelapse from Gabby O'Connor on Vimeo.