Apologies for the absence on the blog. I have been working away on a number of things and have been rather busy, unfortunately not leaving any extra time for blogging.
In the midst of contributing to a funding application and running some workshops for the Gifted Kids programme at a local school, I have prepared some paper components for a series of new works that have just arrived in Antarctica. This is a little “Art by Proxy” exercise where I have created a kit – bit like a box of lego, with some vague instructions and tools and materials where my scientist buddies Craig Stevens and Brett Grant from NIWA NZ will assmeble some new works and document them in situ. This will all be done in their ‘down time’ while they are doing some equipment testing on an ice shelf somewhere in Antarctica. This is the closest to me being in Antarctica yet! The project is called Expanded Field.
If the weather is right, I am imagining some amazing images of glistening ice with blue crystalline paper fake “ice” being dwarfed by the landscape and elements. If the weather is crap, the images will all be indoor details. I am excited either way.
It is a leap of faith for me passing on the duties of installing and creating a work while unsupervised. Fortunately both Craig and Brett assisted me extensively on the Cleave project and understand the potentiality of the work. In other words, I trust them!

And as this blog post has taken me sooo long to write. I have even received a few pics of a flag work on the ice. Yay to internet access on the ice and to Craig and Brett. Below you have a photo of Expanded field in Antarctica, and of Expanded field in my sketchbook.

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