In about 10 days I will begin the install of Order Structure Pattern #2 at the National Library of New Zealand. I have a luxurious ten days to set the work up which is wonderful [and lucky]. The work will form part of a greater exhibition about innovation in NZ and it opens at the end of the month.
As is often the case this close to install, I have had a few jittery second thoughts as I am guilty of trying to reinvent the wheel at the last moment. I should be more aware of my cycle of researching, creating and installing whereby at this critical point I am not trusting my judgement – that was yesterday though!
I went back to drawing, thinking that the structure of this new incarnation of Order Structure Pattern was not the best. You could say that I had effectively wasted a day as by the end of it, I had re explored all of the previous options afresh, only to come back to the one that I had already decided upon over 4 weeks ago.
Time wasn’t really wasted though as I have a whole bunch of new drawings that solidify my original intentions and also a maquette which more legitimately proves how the work will work in real space.
Around in circles I go!
So here is some evidence of that madness:





Forgot to say that this work will recycle all materials used from the last OSP – 2000m rope and extension cord and cable ties.