Order Structure Pattern #2 has been up for over a week now. I have had to go back to the gallery to do an evening of tightening and shifting as the structure settles. It was great to have some more time alone with the work – after some space from it too. This also got me thinking about how different it is for an artwork/installation like I make to have a life longer than a couple of months in a site. I can imagine that I will need to go in every month or so during the 11-12 months of this exhibition’s life for maintenance as the work will never be completely static. I always have a repair and maintenance strategy for my installations but I have never really had to think further ahead than two months. Such a long lifespan for a temporary, site specific installation is an entirely new way of working for me and was one that I was not completely prepared for. I am afraid there will be a lot of ‘wait and see’ with Order Structure Pattern #2 which I am not overly comfortable with, but on the upside, it means I will be visiting the work often and will learn from this extended process. I’ll let you know how it all goes.