Hello there, sorry it has been so long but this year has already taken a few twists and turns and I am only just getting back into the studio.
My attention is now on an installation I am developing for the Expressions gallery in Upper Hutt, NZ in May.
This will be a new site specific work that will have a community focus in much the same way as the Cleave Project 2013. The project, Heavy Water will involve the running of workshops in local schools where the kids will contribute to the making of the actual art work that will be displayed in the gallery. I will be cutting down and recycling the paper components from 2013’s projects into smaller triangles to create the work.
These smaller components will form a “brine tube” that will extend from the ceiling of the gallery and will then reach the ground [about 4-5m in length]. The level of community involvement will determine the number of these “brine tubes” that will be installed.
For more information of Brine Tubes and link to the video that initiated my interest in these icy structures check out this BBC link

This is what all the above looks like in my studio:





Just as I was reviewing these images, I realised how unimpressive they are but you have to imagine that these “brine tubes” will be internally lit with LED lights and these will be the only lighting source in the gallery….watch this space