Today was full of calculations. How many triangles do I need cut to cover a metre of lighting / make a metre of brinicle?
And then how many triangles would I need to cover 5 metres. The answer to the first question is 45.6 and to the second question is 228.
Then I just made my brain explode a little when I multiplied it all by 10 as that is the number of 5m brinicles I am intending to create.
I have to quite consciously make sure I don’t go down the slightly ocd rabbit hole and give myself another repetitive strain injury [my poor hands and my stupid brain for coming up with these projects], but I can’t help myself it seems.
So I will try and break up the repetition with some other tasks – not sure what they will be just yet but it will probably be some painting and drawing as the other option – garage/studio tidying and organising doesn’t appeal at the moment [unless I am totally procrastinating]
So, here are today’s images which sort of reveal the process of recycling past iceberg/ice shelf geometric shapes and off cuts into new smaller equilateral triangles to make brinicles/brine tubes.