The triangle talley is up to 2,337ish. I am now aiming for about 3000 to cover any unforeseen dramas or last minute desire to make something bigger than I had originally planned. My ambitions sometimes get away from me so I must be prepared.
This is such a satisfying project in terms of recycling/repurposing. I have done some self congratulating for saving boxes of offcuts from the past 3 years of projects [yes, boxes of rubbish] But as it works out, I think that I will have just enough of these offcuts to cut down into the desired number of components. For now, the cycle of these icy papery type of projects is in synch with the cycle of real water based ice in Antarctica where it melts, freezes, reforms, evaporates [in no particular order here] continually. I know that these paper works will only be able to do this for so long before they will need to be ceremonially disposed of, but limiting waste is so satisfying.

*image 3 is “rubbish” that will be used in some collages and the remainder of the waste will be going to a local primary school and my son’s creche for the kids to make things from.