In little less than two and half weeks Heavy Water, the next show will be opening. Time has a way on sneaking up or running out like that.
All is going well though. Last week, Craig Stevens my oceanographer and I ran some Art and Antarctica workshops at Plateau School in Upper, Upper Hutt. We both took turns at talking about our work with the aid of powerpoint and a projector. The kids were keen and asked amazing questions and then we roped them in to help with the making of sections of Heavy Water. We incentivised this making with a reward for completing a certain number of sections. This reward was time in the Polar Tent that Niwa loaned us for the day – and Craig expertly assmbled. Such a simple and effective structure, one that hasn’t been altered much in the last one hundred years.
It was an awesome day for all. By the end of the two sesions, the kids had assembled almost half of the paper triangles that I had prepared into sections that should also cover about half of the exhibition. Next week we have one more workshop with kids on a school holiday programme at the gallery centre. By then, we should be almost ready for installation week.
Here is some documentation from the day in sequential order: