Despite my efforts to blog in real time, the pace of life and this project has gotten the best of me.
Heavy Water at Expressions opened on Friday 2nd May. The turnout and event was great and there was some interesting feedback.
But I digress, before I post images of the final work, I still need to blog about the final community workshop that Craig Stevens and I ran with the kids of Upper Hutt and then the preparation and install.
So bare with me!

:hard at work

:team photo

:approximately 2 Brinicles worth of triangles were assembled, that is about 528 triangles.

The workshop ran similarly to the Plateau School whereby I gave an art presentation chronicalling a brief history of my art making and interests while introducing the project and Craig gave a compelling introduction to his scientific research in Antarctica. Then we got down to the business of connecting the triangles together which this group attended to with great gusto. We were fortunate to have a few kids who participated in the Plateau School workshops who then graduated to “experts” and out did themselves with a prolific output – I think getting to 17 sections which is almost half a brinicle and over 25% of the whole group’s output.
Again incredible questions were asked and we all had fun.
So thanks to the H2O holiday programme kids at Expressions. You were awesome and I hope you get to see your handiwork at the gallery.