Day one 28/4/14 was all about preparing and hanging the rope lights x 10 and sorting through some logistical hiccups. Thanks to the expertise of Murray, the awesome and overqualified assistant that the gallery provided, and the fact that the GENIE lift actually reached the ceiling we were all going to be ok.
We started by crudely covering half of the rope-lights with coloured masking tape [blue, green and cream] so that there would be tonal differentiation between them. In many ways, I was treating this sight specific installation like a drawing in space with paper and light.
Then the lights were hung – held in place with a variety of cable ties connecting to the ceiling and then supported on the lighting track.
The mapping and positioning of the ropes was limited to pre-existing hooks and connection points as I was unable to add any new holes as the concrete was pre – stressed. However, I was still concerned with how the audience would navigate the gallery and grouped and positioned the strands with that in mind.
Finally, after some quality control of the kids’ handiwork, I was able to cover one strand of lights, one segment at a time, much like how an actual brinicle would grow from the “icy” ceiling down to the ocean “floor” of the gallery.
This was for the purposes of time-lapse documentation and we only covered one strand in this way as it was actually very time consuming. Time was always a pressure on the creation of this work as certain goals had to be achieved by the close of each day.
In my mind I always had 4 days to install and one day up my sleeve or to rest.