Today has been spent in Christchurch attending some meetings and having a good walk about the city and the site of a new artwork. So much in transition. Growth and decay coexisting and the din of construction vehicles and machines inescapable. There is something extremely exciting about all this flux. I know it probably isn’t that enjoyable when you are living with it and when it impairs the basic neccessities, but you can also see so much possibility and potential.








The top image is a building that is in the process of being demolished brick by brick [after the asbestos was removed] It is situated opposite the site where I will be making a large out door artwork/facade for Icefest 2014, just off Cathedral Square, next to the old Post Office whose fate is not yet known. Most of the other images are of the site itself and small moments within it. The final image is the plinth where a statue of Robert Falcon Scott once stood until he was rumbled off his pedestal with a broken ankle.
I can’t say too much about what it is that I will be building just yet, but once it is finalised, all will be documented on the blog.
In the meantime, I have some icebergs to complete and install at the National Library but a separate [overdue] blog update is required.