Yesterday was an exciting day as two couriers arrived. One with two reams of Tyvek [thanks Spicers] and one 100m roll of a more fabric-like conservation supply Tyvek, similar to that used in hazchem suits or that lines houses before the cladding is put on as it breaths one way and is water repellent from the other.
Today has been all about settling on a shape system based on the size of the Tyvek reams. I had always planned to use dissected octagons and their parent octagon as well as a couple of compatible isosceles triangles . Through a bit of trial and error and visualisation, I think I have settled on 6 shapes from an original set of 9 [bottom image with pink circles]. I would prefer to have less shapes for simplicity, but for flexibility and from experience, 6 will be neccessary.
Now I need to make some duarable templates and tomorrow, I will reclaim my garage studio and begin the process of dying a proportion of the Tyvek before I head to a lecture at the Royal Society about invasive species in Antarctica.