I have two shades of powdered blue dye-turquoise and a more royal blue. With these dyes, mixed with ethanol I set about doing some more tests with the Tyvek. Not all went to plan or followed the same course as a previous test. Basically, the composition of the royal blue contains purple as well as blue pigment particles and for some reason, although the tyvek will initially dye blue, as the ethanol dries, the Tyvek gradually goes purple.

A whole sheet dyed blue

See the purple paper in the background? That is the same sheet of paper. So I did a smaller test. Keep an eye on the bottom right piece of paper which is wet above, then gradually changes: it’s funny though, when there is a small amount of shellac lacquer in the dye, this fade to purple doesn’t happen-it must bond or set the colour- I am not sure though. Need to ask an expert!



The turquoise dye was fine-so I am now soaking these tests in a water bath to make sure the colour doesn’t run. (Which it’s not!)


And for the rest of the afternoon I am going to chop up these three shades of blue tarpaulin and staple them back together for some more weather testing in the garden.