So, last week, I had a site visit to Christchurch where the frame for Inland Ice at Nz Icefest was just beginning to be erected. I met with the builders, the engineer and also the lighting company who will be illuminating the work. It was all really exciting and also very positive. I am very lucky to be working with such highly skilled and awesome people




By the end of the week, the whole 20m long structure was finished and tested and approved which is another relief.



[thanks to Vanessa Reed for the pics]

Meanwhile, back in Wellington, I ran some ‘ice shelf’ workshops with Craig Stevens of Niwa/University of Auckland at Wadestown school. Apparently we had about 250 kids over two sessions. This is a record for me. Craig and I both gave powerpoint presentations about our work and how they cross over. Then the kids helped by joining sections of off cuts of Tyvek together. These sections will go into the big Inland Ice iceshelf in Christchurch next week. Pics and timelapse to come of this magnificent example of organised and productive chaos. The kids were awesome. It was amazing.

To top the week off, Craig and I gave and artist talk at the National Library. It was very much a grown up version of what we do with the kids. Revealing process and inspiration with a lot more detail and a bit less talk about the cute animals of Antarctica (which cause an almost riot with the kids) and without the making. Such an attentive audience and really thoughtful inline we a of questioning.