After doing some very exciting lighting tests on Tuesday night, a southerly wind did its thing the night before last and for most of yesterday. It certainly put Inland Ice through its paces and revealed many weaknesses. It looked pretty bad, but actually wasn’t. The weather is something that the work always had to come to terms with.
Despite the work looking slightly shredded at times, I managed to devise some strategies to balance the aesthetic and structural needs of the work. I am glad the work was subjected to the Southerly while I was there, and in the early stages of the installation. From today-Sunday, I have Correna my assistant full time and I think that we will make some more rapid and visible progress. Actually, we have to as I am booked on a flight out on Monday evening.
This is a very physical project. Lots of scaffolding climbing, weather and rain wrangling, ladders and repetition and problem solving [and adjusting/modifying expectations] . I wish I could say that I am sleeping well, but I am not even though I am exhausted after each 12 hour day. Maybe next week!