On Sunday, I thought I’d finished the majority of Inland Ice for Nz Icefest but a massive Southerly wind had other ideas. About 7 of the 23 panels had been damaged over night so Monday was all about creating a repair strategy as it was too windy to get on a ladder. I literally hid inside the marquee on site-avoiding both the wind and the sight of a partially deconstructed artwork. I took lots of deep breaths and ate a lot of chocolate! I also created mesh ‘bandages’ in order to make the structure gale proof. Once he wind subsided (it got up to around 100km p/h) at 5pm I got to start the repair process and after a team dinner, we all worked until almost midnight sorting most of it out. I had to delay coming back to Wellington so flights and accom and childcare were rearranged. I then worked all Tuesday doing all the final touches, a final lighting test and a partial pack out-partial because we had to race to the airport! But it is finished now, although still behind fences until Friday and will be available to visit from Friday 26 September till October 12 in Cathedral Square, Christchurch. NZ Icefest is open 10-10 everyday and there is much to enjoy!
Now I am going to catch up with my family and rest my aching muscles. 9 x 12 hr days in a row working outdoors has taken it’s toll. More pics soon though once the fence comes down.