Photo credit Aaron Campbell Photography

So Icefest has come and gone now and this post has been sitting incomplete in my drafts for the last couple of hectic weeks. Sorry!

Here is the link to the info about Inland Ice and NZ Icefest- that is now being disassembled. This is probably the shortest time frame I have created an installation for – it was open to the public for a little over two weeks. An incredible amount of focus for me but it had high impact and a very consistent audience, as well as a 24 hour time cycle. It was also an wonderful problem solving exercise /collaboration with the weather and collaboration with a really interesting and excellent bunch of people who all played a part in making my project and Icefest happen.
Over the weekend I was given an incredible opportunity to speak at Breaking Ice symposium along with some very esteemed and inspirational others. I felt like a very small fish but also that my thoughts and practice were completely relevant to the content of the day. There were many holes in my talk as I always have too much to say and included too many images and there was not enough time. However, the most important points were heard and were also part of the general consensus of the power of combining art and science and the similarities rather than the differences between the disciplines despite appearances and how we are taught to separate them.

Yesterday I was able to tear down some of my favourite sections that I will keep for no particular reason other than fondness, and the remaining 21 panels will be dismantled over the week and the materials will be reclaimed while some will unfortunately be disposed of.
Things are calming down for me now which will allow all the excitement of the past year or so [but especially of the past weekend] distill and manifest into something new. I have no major projects on the horizon which is a combination of scary and thrilling. What it will really mean is that I can get back to some painting and research so I can write some proposals rather than just keeping up.
More Icefest pics soon though – I just have a serious amount of editing to do there!