During various research phases into Antarctic history, I have looked at the diaries of several Antarctic explorers and their various team members. So in this tradition, I kept my own [very meek] diary. Not neccesarily for anyone else, but more as way to try to not forget all these firsts that I was having. What I realise in retrospect, is that I didn’t do a particularly good job. Like memories, it is full of holes and gaps and there is emphasis on not-so-important facts, but it is still a document of my 24 days there. In this blog,  I am about to share some fragments of my time on the ice, along with supporting imagry in the lead up to the “big show” at Pataka Museum+Art in June. I’ll pop a couple of these up a week when I get a chance.

Things continue to be kind of hectic as there are less then six weeks till the exhibition opens and I have to get photo files to the printers this week, and everything to the framers next week. Next week also marks the start of the schools workshops where we, Dr Craig Stevens and I will work with 4 schools and up to 400 kids to help make the installation part of the exhibition. This is a big science communication multiplied by art excercise that will be chaotic and energetic but a lot of fun. All is going well though. If you have seen my instagram page recently, there will be hints of completed pencil and ink works. Things are getting crossed off on the big list…

PS – I am giving a free public talk in Wellington NZ tomorrow night Wed 11, May in Miramar


So…here goes….

Day 0 – Thursday October 15, 2015


Waking early – 5ish – too much thinking [all good]

To chch. Easy flight with Craig Stevens and Brett Grant K131.

To Antarctic costume cave. Get fitted for gear. Learn how to layer up, sweat, then head to hotel. Pack, repack.

Then dinner in town and meet the Otago part of the team:

Inga, Greg and Andrew.

Bed by 10 – tired as.