I would appear to be overly ambitious with posting this diary in the middle of organising my exhibition Studio Antarctica [which opens in 6 days]

I was interviewed recently by Lynn Freeman from Radio New Zealand about the project. The link is here. There has also been a little write up in the lovely Capital Magazine out of Wellington. Do pick up a copy and support local print media if you can.

If you want to see the behind the scenes for the Studio Antarctica exhibition. My studioantarctica instagram account is where those images are hiding out.

Back to the diary!

IMG_4641IMG_4634IMG_4636Day 2 Saturday 17/10/15

Wake at 7am – mostly fresh! Storm conditions overnight snow up the window. Things not tied down [flags] flapping furiously in the wind. Lots of flurries of snow blowing like eddies where there are nooks outside. The air moves like the sea and vice versa it seems. Just in different time scales. Making more sense of that now.

Breakfast coffee – not sure about frothing powdered milk. Might move to long blacks.

Meeting about K131 now. Recce likely on Monday , set up camp on Wednesday.

Set up a corner of lab with the rest of K131 after reclaiming some gear that was in storage. Wind still blows. Anthony Powell has a few cameras doing time-lapse indoors pointed at the flappy flags.

I have one set up in the lab doing a test time-lapse of equipment repair and set up.

Drawing from photographs from the flight in blue mechanical pencil.

Makes me think again of the  land writing and rewriting itself. Hard to get the line to do what I want. Wandering, tired and sleepy eyes and hand.